2019 ClickFunnels™ One Funnel Away Challenge Review (Plus OFA Sign Up Bonuses)

019 ClickFunnels™ One Funnel Away Challenge Review (Plus OFA Sign Up Bonuses)" src="http://secureservercdn.net/" > Like

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019 ClickFunnels™ One Funnel Away Challenge Review (Plus OFA Sign Up Bonuses)" src="http://secureservercdn.net/" >

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Note: OFA is closing again soon so get in now or join the waitlist for the next one!

✨ 2019 One Funnel Away Challenge Review and Unboxing ✨

I just finished the ClickFunnels OFA (One Funnel Away) Challenge and built a sweeeeet funnel that I know will power passive income generation on my blog for potentially years to come…

And I built that funnel for LESS than $100 and basically was able to swipe all of Russell Brunson (and his top funnel builders) deep knowledge to create this insane boost to my business.

I calculated that for the 30 day OFA challenge I spent approx $3.30 per day, and approximately $0.80 per hour to get mentoring, live calls, daily challenges, an awesome community, step by step funnel building tutoring and a ton more worth thousands…

(so I’m reviewing the One Funnel Away challenge here, plus unboxing the goodies they sent me, and unpacking all of my ClickFunnels bonuses that I handout to anyone signing up for this life changing course using my affiliate link).

OFA top bonuses here, total Value $9,411: http://bit.ly/OFA-bonuses-1

This vid is long because there’s a lot to cover, So here are the time stamps to skip around:

0 – 5:54 is an introduction to the One Funnel Away Challenge: What is OFA challenge, how will it help you, what will you accomplish.

5:55 – 12:14 is the One Funnel Away Unboxing, where I unbox everything they sent me during the challenge

12:15 – 21:06 An Overview of the actual OFA challenge, daily tasks, etc.

21:07 – 24:00 An Overview of my one funnel away and ClickFunnels bonuses for you.

24:01 – 28:40 The funnel I built during One Funnel Away (A Five Day Blogger Bootcamp, and how you can swipe that funnel for yourself)

28:41 – End – Closing remarks on OFA challenge.

Here’s all my bonuses when you use my Link https://www.chillreptile.com/go/clickfunnels-one-funnel-away/

👉 Instant access to my ClickFunnels Mastery course (19 videos to get you up to speed on the CF editor etc. – $97 value)
👉 My copy of the viral affiliate “Business In A Box” share funnel you can add to your ClickFunnels account with one click (value = $Priceless)
👉A free one-on-one consultation with me to help plan your CF domination ($197 value for my time)
I’ll personally hook your first funnel up to your personal domain or WordPress site ($197 value for my time)
👉My “Ultimate Blogger Legal Bundle”, a bundle of legal templates and resources you’ll need for your website ($14.99 value)
👉 [COMING SOON – IN PRODUCTION] access to my “Blogger Money Machine – 5-Day Challenge Course Business In A Box” Share Funnel that I reveal in this video ($997 value)

All you have to do to claim my bonuses is sign up with my link and I’ll email you at the email address you used to sign up.

Hope to see you in the next challenge! Full play-by-play review coming soon at https://www.chillreptile.com


Start a 14-day ClickFunnels trial here (plus get all the above bonuses) https://www.chillreptile.com/go/clickfunnels-2weektrial/

Funnelhackers Cookbook: https://www.chillreptile.com/go/clickfunnels-funnelhackers-cookbook/

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