Clickfunnels training – how to build a photographer funnel in clickfunnels

Clickfunnels training – how to build a photographer funnel in clickfunnels Like

How to build a photographer funnel in clickfunnels – Photographer Funnel Clickfunnels

In this video i will show you how to build a funnel for photographers in clickfunnels.
The first question from hobby and professional photographers is usually: Is Clickfunnel the way to go if you are a photographer. And of course the answer is yes. Clickfunnels is great for selling your photography services.

So after you now know that clickfunnels is THE way to grow your photo business.
The second question is usually: ok, where can i download a Clickfunnels photographer Sharefunnel.

And you will find the answer to this question in the video.

I show you how to setup your entire funnel that promotes your photographing services.
-First step of the funnel should have congruency with your ads so people know what they clicked on and what they get.
In this funnel people land on an optin page where they are presented with the offer. In this case the offer is a 50% discount on an amazing photoshoot for your Dog.
-The only goal of this fist page of the funnel is to get people to optin for the offer so you can add their email address to your prospect email list and market to them for eternity 😉

-The second page is the presentation of the actual offer and a way for them to claim it.
So that is the only purpose of this page .. Getting people to claim the offer, click on the button and go to the third page.

-this last page in the photographers funnel will be the payment form where they can book and pay for the deal.

– After receiving the payment they will be guided to a special offer page where they will be presented with an extra COOL Canvas with the pictures of the DOG.
And by simply clicking yes this option will be added to the payment.
Ofcourse there are still downsells that you could make on the front offer and on the canvas upsell but I choose to put in another extra high converting offer.

Check the entire video to see what I mean ..

Then on this last page there is some secret sauce going on that I show you in the video.

Also when people try to leave your page, you can still make money with this photo studio share funnel.
But this ninja trick is also reveiled in the video.
After I build the funnel you can download and use the entire Clickfunnels photographer funnel for your own photo business.

Check out the free Clickfunnels funnel training and download the complete clickfunnels photographers sharefunnel on

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