Disaster Recovery – Woodturning Style x 3

Disaster Recovery – Woodturning Style x 3 Like


After I blew through the bottom of a beautiful bowl, I appealed for ideas on how to salvage it. The response was wonderfully broad and useful.

Some would re-purpose the bowl as a lamp shade with an LED light; Others as a bird bath, a canning funnel, or a wall sconce.

However, most involved filling the hole with different materials such as a matching wood, a contrasting wood, epoxy, colored resin, coins, medallions. Some would enlarge the hole before filling it; others would use it as is.

Still others would expand the insert downward ranging from a short pedestal to a longer stand. Another would turn a cone on which to set the bowl in random positions as moods change.

Yet others would expand the insert upward into a handle as a candy or nut dish, a jewelry bowl with ear ring holder. Such as variety.

In this video, I demonstrate three alternatives.
1. A textured insert turned with the Infinite Axis Chuck from padauk with eccentric details turned on its upper surface.
2. A cedar cone dyed contrasting blue as a variable stand.
3. A cedar handle dyed contrasting blue to form a candy or nut bowl.

Which is best? It depends on the woodturner and what emerges from the ideas. All that is needed is a small spark of inspiration to create something new.

For video building the Infinite Axis Chuck, go to Shop Built Eccentric Chuck From PVC Fitting

The atomizer is a Richeson atomizer available at art stores or Amazon.

Good turning.

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