DIY Sales Funnel- Save $3236 Per Year With 2019's Best ClickFunnels Alternative. 100% Step-By-Step!

DIY Sales Funnel- Save 36 Per Year With 2019's Best ClickFunnels Alternative. 100% Step-By-Step! Like

Feel like ClickFunnels is overpriced? looking for 2019’s best Clickfunnels Alternative that is easy to set up for pennies on the dollar? Get the DIY Sales Funnel, now

This video doesn’t only reveal sales funnel that professional internet marketers are using instead of click funnels…

But it goes one step further in showing you exactly how to set it up, step by step!

UPDATE! Thrive changed the “Content Builder Plugin” to their new “Architect” plugin and it works a little different… This video shows how to setup the opt in page with the new Thrive Architect plugin:

Here is a blog post with all the videos in one place if you want a more comprehensive reference to this clickfunnels alternative:

Once you are complete with these steps, you can move on to part 2 in the DIY sales funnel video series which you can find here:

Part 3 covers how to lay out your product and how to create your member’s area. Get that video here:

Part 4 covers the shopping cart options in detail and then we set one up and get it configured together so you are able to ‘sell’ your membership program or product and also ‘deliver’ the product securely. Get that video here:

Just in case you want more information on why I left ClickFunnels for an alternative, watch this video here:

This is a powerful how-to video that shows you exactly how to build your own sales funnel on a self-hosted WordPress platform within a little over an hour.

It is designed for you to follow along and pause the video and take the steps I’m taking as I’m taking them. If you follow the process in this video by the end of the one-hour 30-minute video you will have functional sales funnel built.

I focus on creating an affiliate marketing funnel for simplicity and the sake of time. You can easily use this training to create an information product funnel, physical product funnel, free plus shipping funnel, membership funnel.

In fact, I use this exact setup with one slight variation for my membership site.

You would simply need to add on a shopping cart and a one-time-offer page which I will cover in detail in a future video.

You’ll learn how to install WordPress, secure and optimize your WordPress installation, install your theme and your sales funnel software… Then finally how to create the sales funnel pages and integrate it with your email autoresponder.

There are too many overpriced funnel building software applications claiming that the only way to build a sales funnel is with their software.

This is a boldfaced lie.

The bigger problem may be that they’re paying affiliates thousands of dollars per year to recommend their subpar and overpriced software creating undue hype in the marketplace.

I have tried both click funnels and lead pages for over a yearAnd found them to be buggy, their support teams unresponsive and unhelpful, and most painfully… Way overpriced!

I knew I needed a Click Funnels alternative… So I went back to my trusted platform, WordPress.

Now all of my websites and online sales funnels run on this exact system you’re gonna learn how to implement in the video above.

Yes, there is a little bit more involved in getting your funnel started with this system, but it only takes an hour or so and you will see how easy it really is.

First, we begin with the secure WordPress hosting which you can get here:

Once inside of your WordPress dashboard we clean out a few of the items that will conflict with your sales funnel and add a few plug-ins and change a few settings that are required to efficiently run a funnel on WordPress.

Second, we add the theme and plug-ins required to build a WordPress funnel. You can get those here:

Finally we integrate the autoresponder so your funnel can actually place email subscribers and leads on to your autoresponder. We also set up the follow-up campaign as well as the integration with your WordPress site.

Get the autoresponder here:

In order for this funnel to work for you, you will need to have a solid free giveaway offer… Also known as a lead bait or lead magnet or ethical bribe.

This video explains more about what makes a good giveaway:

The most important step in this funnel your building is the opt-in page… Often referred to as a squeeze page.

This is the top of your funnel and I cover and review some great squeeze pages in this video:

This video covers our strategy for crafting an excellent autoresponder follow up campaign that converts leads into customers:


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