How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Funnel [With Miles Beckler]

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Funnel [With Miles Beckler] Like

Are you ready to improve the ROI from your affiliate marketing business? Well in today’s video, we sit down with Miles Beckler to discuss how to build an affiliate marketing funnel.

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In today’s video, I am joined by Miles Beckler and we are going to share with you our best tricks on how to build your first affiliate sales funnel.If you want to follow someone that can teach you how to grow an online lifestyle business then Miles Beckler is your man.

With over 3 million minutes watched, 79K subscribers, this guy is totally crushing it in the online marketing space. He managed to pull himself out of $50,000 student loan debt.

To make any affiliate marketing campaign successful you have to learn the right way to build a relationship with your audience. So that they will know, like and trust you, let’s face it we buy from people we trust.

An affiliate funnel is the best way to do this.

We set up a landing page to receive our traffic and then offer free value to get people to join our email list. This first piece of content has to get our audience a quick win so they feel confident in our ability.

Miles shares some awesome tips about how to offer free value, how to pick great keywords and how to craft winning headlines for your landing page.

Once you have that winning landing page we move onto our one-time offer/ thank you page. When someone joins your list they are warm leads so this is the best time to try and sell them. In the video, we look at storytelling tips to help you create a video that takes your audience to the next level.

I and Miles tie the video together by exploring some mindset stuff to help you stay the journey. So that you can stay motivated with your lifestyle business.

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