“Millennials”, Epiphany Allowables, Circular Logic, Facebook-Induced Psychosis & More!

“Millennials”, Epiphany Allowables, Circular Logic, Facebook-Induced Psychosis & More! Like

I’ve often wondered if the authors of the surplus of community-published content found on LinkedIn are double-speaking American business theorists who have managed to “get over” on the man. Are they who they say they are? Or are they opportunistic hustlers who have managed to weasel their way into an agency “innovation” position where they can hide, and subsequently make their way into the consciousness of their well-intentioned colleagues doing their best to do stuff that matters. The more I read, the more I become convinced of the latter.

I would consider myself a well-informed and reasonable person. Feel free to disagree. But for me, enough is enough. Someone must tell you, “there’s peppercorn in your teeth.”

The pervasive lack of knowledge and ability to affect change among our industry’s leaders concerns me deeply. Day after day after day… new topic, same ignorance, same lack of self-awareness, same, same, same.

For those of you out there who post only to give your profile views a bump, and who believe it’s possible to accelerate your career by making your colleagues aware you aren’t qualified for the position you hold — I would recommend thinking twice before you blast out another chapter of circular logic full of meaningless notions it appears you intended would be provocative, or at minimum would surface shared epiphanies.

NEWS FLASH: You have exceeded your allowable number of epiphanies if you are making the following thought known to your entire professional network: “brands must be valuable if they hope to be relevant.” Sweetie, that is not an original thought. It’s common sense, and moreover it has been spun a million ways from Sunday on Slideshare for years now — by people much more adept at building slideware the is at least visually striking.

It would appear the Peter Principle is in FULL EFFECT. There very well may even be an epidemic. You may have achieved your level of incompetence and not yet been made aware of it. I’d like to help…

Let’s start with the ubiquitous confusion with anything having to do with these foreign beings known only as, “Millennials.” What shall we do with these freaks who’d rather not speak with sales associates, threw their TVs out the window years ago, and often show complete disregard for the almighty purchase funnel?!

I hope the deck and video I’ve included here give you something that resembles a new beginning… a lifelong journey full of opportunities to discover and learn new things about people of any age and background — all on your own! You don’t even have to publicly embarrass yourself by incessantly posting stuff everyone already knows. And yes, I’m afraid it’s that bad…. EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS WHAT YOU HAVE TO SHARE. They’ve simply been conditioned by Facebook to color between the lines, don’t poke the sleeping bear, and unfortunately…. eventually ruin humanity by not being honest with you.

Godspeed. And remember, if you can Google the title of your would-be post and you discover what you had planned to share has been shared on the Web for many, many years by people much more intelligent and insightful than you — please consider the environment and place it in the trash bin. Press delete and keep it movin’. There’s more out there than you may think. Get your head out of the trade rags and into the real world.


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