OPP09 Steven and Lanacia Rachel – Grow Your Audience with Online Video Marketing and Social Media

OPP09 Steven and Lanacia Rachel – Grow Your Audience with Online Video Marketing and Social Media Like

Online Playmaker Sessions Episode 09 with video marketing icons and trainers Steven & Lanacia Rachel from Las Vegas Nevada – http://onlineprofitplaybook.com/ep09-steven-lanacia-rachel/

Steven & Lanacia had been part time network marketers since the 90’s but never really achieved any major success until they discovered online attraction marketing strategies roughly 4 years ago. In 2012 they took massive action and began to create simple youtube videos to promote their business ventures and within just a few months found themselves in a position to quit their jobs.

Since that time Steve and Lanacia have now been full time internet marketers for 3 years and have been blessed to move into their dream house in the city they’ve always wanted to live in.

They have built a truly successful brand online reaching a large audience around the world by leveraging the power of Youtube and Facebook.

Steven and Lanacia are now top affiliate marketers online, being recognized on stage for their achievements, they have created their own digital training products, spoken on stage and now train and coach others to do the same. They are passionate about inspiring and helping others to learn how to leverage the power of the internet to achieve their dream life.

What You Will Learn in This Episode

– the ONE key action Steven & Lanacia made that catapulted them from years of struggle to finally creating results and quitting their jobs in a few months

– how to get started with video marketing, and how anyone can do it even if you’ve never imagined creating videos in your life

– the simple strategy you should be using to “duplicate” yourself so you can generate leads and sales on auto-pilot 24/7 7 days a week

– simple strategies Lanacia uses (both free and paid) to promote their videos so they rank high on search engines and the easiest strategy you should do right away especially if you are just getting started

– exactly how Steven & Lanacia are leveraging Facebook and YouTube together to build their brand, grow their audience and make sales!

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