Schools on Facebook: The Student Perspective

Schools on Facebook: The Student Perspective Like

Higher Education depends upon tuition revenue to fund operations, and spends nearly $6 Billion a year on student recruiting and retention. While many traditional recruiting and retention methods have value, Facebook is poised to alter the playing field. With nearly 100% of college aged people now “living” on Facebook, colleges and universities have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with their prospective and current students in one place. Colleges have set up Facebook Pages and Groups by the thousands, but they have been found to lack the features sought by college administrators and students alike, leaving them clamoring for something better.

Inigral has responded with a Facebook Application for higher education. With market-specific capabilities, Inigral leverages the Facebook platform across the student lifecycle to address: 1) admissions marketing to increase the yield of accepted students, 2) student engagement to increase the retention of enrolled students, 3) alumni involvement to increase donations. Our product, Schools on Facebook, is a Lifecycle Engagement Platform serving students from application through graduation and beyond, providing a direct return on investment for our customers.

When Facebook Platform launched in 2007, our co-founder and CEO Michael Staton was there. An educator by trade, he presented the opportunities within education to some of the Facebook Platform team, and was encouraged to start Inigral. Inigral replaced Facebook’s Courses feature and after getting much traction with users, decided the real opportunity was in creating a white-label, private Facebook application that joins the social nature of Facebook with needs in recruiting, enrollment management, and student retention. The result is Schools on Facebook.

Founded in June 2007, Inigral is backed by early Facebook investor Founders Fund and Retro Venture Partners. Inigral is operated by a dedicated, industry-leading team of educators and entrepreneurs working in the heart of social media’s epicenter, the San Francisco Bay Area. By virtue of our location and industry relationships, Inigral is highly involved in the Facebook ecosystem and the innovation underway in social media.


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