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Criminals are becoming more sophisticated nowadays, straying away from the normal drug, people trafficking and tax crimes to cyber crimes.

The director of Europol, Rob Wainwright briefed a Lords EU sub committee on plans for a cyber crime centre. Apparently the extent of the problem is often underestimated in the EU.

Criminals increasingly communicate using online telephone services believing that they are not traceable. They are know to use botnets to steal credit card info and phishing scams designed to trick people into revealing confidential information about themselves.

Europol is an EU- wide police intelligence agency based in The Hague who already have a “dedicated intelligence project designed to identify the most significant criminals operating in Europe”

The next stage is to launch an “Internet crime reporting online system” to have the ability to connect police in 27 member states.

Lagging behind the US by 10 years the european system could learn from America’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

They are keen to include crowd sourcing techniques that empower citizens – still in embryonic stages, it depends of course on European funding, and if successful could be deployed by 2014

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