Viz Engine video-based workflow

Viz Engine video-based workflow Like

The Viz Engine has been the workhorse of Vizrt products since the beginning of the company. This system makes up what has been the core of Vizrt – Real–Time 3D graphics. The last few years of development have brought about a change in this product that alters the perception of what the Vizrt broadcast graphics line of products are and what they are capable of.

With the introduction of the Viz Media Engine, we suddenly had an end-to-end MAM solution that was flexible and scalable. We are able to send video content to on-air servers as well as transcode this video to be distributed to multiple platforms. What was missing from this workflow was the the on-air play back device. As mentioned before, the Viz Engine has classically been our on-air device. It seemed natural that we should continue it’s usage in this way and work to expand that to include video.

Viz Engine v3.5.1, which was released earlier this year included in it a number of features that, when tied together with Viz Trio, Viz Content Pilot and the Viz Media Engine, turned the Viz Engine into a full broadcast quality video playback system. We enhanced the platform further with a unique workflow that allows the journalist in the newsroom to edit graphic templates, search and edit video content, place graphics on a timeline and build a playlist for this content all in a single interface inside ENPS, iNews or other newsroom control systems. That playlist, triggered from Viz Trio would trigger both video and graphics to be played out of the Viz Engine as an SDI or IP signal. With the addition of the DVS Spycer box – which will be shown at IBC – we are able to play video content from a SAN (Storage Area Network) directly to the Viz Engine, allowing up to eight Viz Engines to share the same clip storage.

This has changed the definition of our graphics platform to an end-to-end workflow/production platform for graphics content as well as video content utilizing the Viz Engine as the 3D graphics and video compositor at the end outputting it all to SDI or to IP streams.

Our marketing team came to my office recently and shot a video with me showing this workflow from the newsroom to the Engine. It’s about 12 minutes long so I’ll give time codes of some of the key points in the video.

Time codes:
00:30 Overview of video workflow
01:42 Editing graphics and video templates in the Newsroom
04:36 Triggering content from Viz Trio
05:20 Searching in the Viz Media Engine
06:48 Viz Engine as a clip player
08:14 Timeline Editor


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