What Is SEO In Marketing? The R1SEO Guide

What Is SEO In Marketing? The R1SEO Guide Like

What Is SEO In Marketing? The R1SEO Guide, go to https://r1seo.com/what-is-seo-in-marketing/ for more.

What Is SEO In Marketing?
Why is it such an important thing now?
Why does it need to be a major focus for any modern business that wishes to be successful?
According to the AMA marketing has the following definition
“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”
Something which can be directly applied to the internet and websites, though it goes far deeper than this.
Whilst with traditional marketing you take your business or product, develop an advertisement, report or whatever and broadcast it in some way.
The internet works very differently.
Things are prioritized by machines according to what they believe to be important.
Ordinarily you would either print something and then mail it out or hand it to people or
Record an advertisement either as video or audio and then broadcast via radio or television.
Either way people encounter it as a part of their usual everyday activities.
You can still do this kind of thing on the internet the potential for success though is greatly diminished.
This is because without the pages those advertisements are served on appearing high up on the first page it is unlikely that they will ever be seen or heard.
Hence the use of SEO and why Search Engine Marketing has become important.
The message you wish to share has to be shown in a place, or in places,
where the machines running the search programs deem the content to be relevant and worthwhile to those searching for the particular keywords and terms you wish to be noticed for.
As a note the number 1 result in Google takes around 55% of the traffic or clicks for its search term.
The volume of traffic or clicks going to each successive result diminishes greatly as you move down the first page.
So realistically unless you are in the top 4 you will be receiving very little benefit.
So the value of SEO in marketing is incredibly high.
By leveraging Digital Branding and Internet Marketing as part of an ethical search engine optimization program pages can be moved to number 1 in searches.
SEO is what makes marketing online truly effective.
When done properly and ethically it puts you in prime position for being seen and getting the attention you desire.
That is what SEO is in marketing, it is the key to unlocking massive succss.
To find out more on this and how you can get great results go to r1seo.com



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